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  1. keep up the good work :) iv caught your show a couple times at Shambhala and bin enjoying your albums for the last couple years keeps me mellow and sane in an insane world. lol
    i awoke to the sound of rumbling ,sounded like a train coming down the valley so i crawled out of my tent (at my first shambhala )some where around 5 in the morn overlooking the fog covered campers and the forested stages off in the distance the rumbling and whistling filled my soul with happiness, it was the first time i had herd the song Opal ! i didn’t know who or what i had herd (had it been a hallucination?) about 5 years later i had purchased one of you cds at pack rat Anies in nelson and figured out this mystical moment ,and iv bin a fan ever since . ill be at the fest in Castlegar today and hope to see ya at shambhala in a couple weeks. much luve and respect Orv

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