Great Celebration at Epiphany Full Moon

Tremendous time at the full moon celebrations at whilte eagle hall this past weekend  here are a few shots

dancing time

dancing time

rocking the crowd in victoria

rocking the crowd in victoria

full moon celebrations victoria ephiphany

full moon celebrations victoria with adham shaikh



and excerpt of house tune i premiered there (still a work in progress) featured a sweet vocal i recorded 10 plus years ago by pauline lamb a wonderful singer from the kootenays bc

2 thoughts on “Great Celebration at Epiphany Full Moon

  1. … ¸¸.•*¨*•♫ Sunrise was the highlight of my full mooon danceout … i love a female vocalist with that windswept wispy edge, woven into the tapestry of sound. i am but a mere admirer of such talent, and the rest … is magic. (Cd

  2. This is the way you do it…only thing better would be to do it again ♪♪♪ great track…fab with Pauline Lamb xoxo

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