Release of Paper Cups.

a few years ago i was playing at BassCoast Festival.. and during my kootenay bro niko came up and was like..” hey adham have you heard my paper cup rap’ this beat your playing right now is perfect. ” no i said i have not. here is the mic. lets go! so niko jumped up and dropped this awesome rap about paper cups ol school hip hop style. i had no idea he had the skills and in future conversations realized i had to make a tune for niko for this great message.
then years late i find myself at Artswells festival in the middle of bc…playing a set and niko was there with his whole bliss cafe zone.
i thought it would be great to film with my phone and see if i could make him a video as his character is larger than life and purple as F@!#
so here is the video we made. i did a cut lost the final cut file and had an output and all the raw footage. in comes Sonja Ruebsaat to the rescue rebuilding my edits and making them better and smoother…. and color correction ( what… he he like mastering for music.) my partial colour blindness makes me less confident to judge these things.. please enjoy

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