Release of Sub Dubz Vol 1 ——————————–( a journey into electro ska funk dub and beyond )

Out Tomorrow on my bandcamp page. ..and here on my website in advance of the main digital spots. (note this one will not be on any streaming sites…. ( no spotify no amazon no pandora no deezer no tidal ) And this is not a kickstarter to raise funds to make my music. we scrimp and save and starve to make the music and really appreciate when people buy it and support me as an artist. It makes a difference. ( your support thru the years has allowed me to feed my family,and continue to work on music ( first cd was release in 1993 with support from friends to pay for the manufacture…do the artwork etc. ) I believe good music finds support. In these days of digital streaming and not owning music, Just know that when you “buy ” music from independent artists like myself . you are sending a message that you support and enable more art to be created. ( this is the amazing part of it. ( not asking for money. to go make something…) i already made it. paid a graphic designer paid mastering engineers , paid musicians some fees for their sessions. So tomorrow May the 4rth.. Sub Dubz vol 1.. my explorations into ska funk dub territory with amazing contributions from Andy Cakes , Rick Buckman Coe Marty Carter and refined with Andreilien Olenev and mastered by Spoonbill

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