Refractions Vol 1

From the award-winning album   Universal Frequencies by global producer  Adham Shaikh, comes the much anticipated Refractions Volume 1 the remix album featuring some of the best global producers currently blending, bending, refracting and reflecting the sonic landscapes that whirl around them.

Refractions vol 1 is the first release of a 2 volume set of funkin, dubsteppy, breakbeating, psy-dubby glitch-hoppin electro-tribal journeys to  transport listeners blissfully around the globe.

Featured remix artists include

Bluetech, Nickodemus, David Starfire ,Jef Stott,  Mat the Alien, Kaya Project, Spoonbill, Tripswitch, Desert Dwellers, Jpod the Beat Chef, Timothy Wisdom ,Tarun Nayar of Dehi2Dublin, Sound Nomaden, Squazoid, Grandpa Funk ,      Echo Pilot, BeatFarmer, and Kashoo. 

Volume 1 features remixes by Bluetech, Nickodemus, David Starfire , Adham Shaikh , Matt the Alien, Jpod the Beat Chef, Timothy Wisdom, Squaoid, and Tarun Nayar of Delhi2Dublin fame

also an exclusive remix of ‘desert dub’ by jef stott that will be featured on his forthcoming album ‘arcana’ on six degree’s

Refractions is a mystical journey set in motion by Timothy Wisdom’s early morning, bass heavy exploration of the mohan veena  at the ‘crossroads’. This floating sojourn upon the carpet is quickly brought back to earth as Matt the Alien conjures a chunky, bass heavy wobbler grounded in heavy 909 to honor the magical vocal of Jornick’s ‘Rasta Water prayer’.

Out of this liquid buoyancy, Adham Shaikh imagines a pilgrimage to a celestial dub cabaret as he re-interprets his popular tune ‘Rug Rippin’ which creates the perfect space for Bluetech’s upbeat hypnotic revamping of ‘Carpet Breaker’ that’s guaranteed to get everyone’s inner dervish spinning. The whirling and twirling shifts into overdrive as David Starfire encourages listeners to dive into another intensely energetic bass stepping, wonky churn through ‘Rug Rippin.’

Then Jpod the beat chef gets his funk on with a Glitch hopping interpretation of ‘the water prayer’ that will surely  =send everyone’s molecules dancing and celebrating into orbit. Before we can catch our breath, Adham Shaikh raises the spirit of bass heavy mountain culture with a glitch hopping redress of ‘Coupe Decale’ that leads into Nickodemus’ sublime dubbed journey through ‘Kundalini Fuel’ that features a masterful duduk performance from Boris Sichon that is perfect for an early morning set or intentional dance floor.

From France comes Squazoid with a fresh liquidy psydub infused remix of ‘New Day’ that perfectly builds the mood from half tempo dub to the dubby progressive trance of the second half.  ‘Euro Kuduro’ is an electrically masterful blend of two powerful styles brought together by the talented Delhi2Dublin creator Tarun Nayar.  Picking up from there, German producer Sound Nomaden offers a stripped down pumped up gypsy swing interpretation of ‘Carpet Breaker’ that is full of Euro charm.

If you have ever partied in the kitchen and ignored the rest of the house, you’re like BeatFarmer and understand the importance of crucial Kitchen party mix tunes and will love the beets and treats he’s cooked up for your party pleasure.  Finally,to usher our journey through the continents and styles safely home to earth, Kashoo brings it all back home with a jazzstepped edit of the water prayer.


I hope you enjoy these tunes as much as i do!



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