Universal Frequencies

Brand New
tribal world fusion

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After three years of sonic exploration Adham has crafted a new world fusion album that embraces the past, plays with contemporary ideas and suggestively sketches out future possibilities. ‘Universal Frequencies’ represents the high water mark of a lifetime of experimentation and sounds beguilingly ancient and extra-terrestrial at the same time.  In short, it is a dizzying reflection of our contemporary global culture that will send your mind tripping out into the stratosphere while your body cascades through shimmering vistas of kundalini inspired bliss.

A Dynamic tribal journey inspired by the musical legacies of India, Africa, the Middle East, The Balkans and beyond, ‘Universal Frequencies’ is gypsy music for the twenty first century nomad.

A powerful fusion of world, hip-hop, dub, progressive electronica and Balkan beats, Shaikh’s music inhabits a crossroads between states of sound, being and consciousness.  Light recedes to dark, stillness gives way to movement, water saturates parched earth, as electric sounds fade to acoustic drones, and past and future dance between each other, leaving listeners with no choice but to surrender to the moment.

Featuring some of worlds finest fusionist (Boris Sichon, Jaron Freeman Fox, Singer Jornick Jahlick (Ganga Giri Band / Big Bass Theory), Jeff Holden (Green Season), Melissa Meretsky (Waasabi Collective), Kris Ledrew, and recordings by Freeworm of Malian musicians Famiena Siaka Sanogo, Kassim Sidibe, and Karamako Diabate)


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