Interview on The LineUp

On Saturday December 5th I was invited to be a guest on nelson’s (Selkirk College)
own The LineUp tv w Jenna Raider . A local talk show that i new nothing about.
What we have a talk show. wow so cool.I love this town.So many cool things going on.
I Went up to the Shambhala Music Center and was whisked back stage to meet all the guests
and be instructed on the flow of the evening. Impressed by the professionalism of the
student crew bringing it next level. wow

My goal was to chat about some of the recent adventures (dreamtree (uwe and gurpreet))

share the newest video from my release Basswalla with the nelson and online
community. Originally completed by my brother and his team on locations across india. It tells the
tale of the walla. hope you enjoy. It was my third time doing a television interview totally nervous , especially about my body language. At least i was rocking some Nomads clothes so at least i
knew i would look okay! So fun.

This video captures the essence of me live with musicians and dancers and visual artists. .