Sabadub (Floating Soul Mix)

Sabadub” video was edited/produced by Lichi Video, India, by sourcing footage from in-house archives and the internets.Shot at locations like Madurai, Udaipur, Maharastra, Kolkata, Varanasi, India, by Mehul Bhanti, Saurabh Vyas, Ravneet Oberoi, Matt Devir, Param Tomanec, Boone Sommerfield and Sebastian Vilarino

The music video marries the mythos of “Walla” with the fabric called India.

In India, the suffix “-walla” indicates mastery in a particular discipline, and its use in the album title refers to the pioneering work in the “global bass” style — characterized by electronic, bass-centric tracks featuring southern hemisphere sounds and an urban orientation. The title also hints towards the return to my Indian roots in both method and material.

I choose to use footage from India because through the process of creating  “BASSWALLA”, the album on which the track appears, I discovered a deep connection to my Indian heritage. To further underline this feeling, as well as to tie the track to the album, we inserted the definitions of the many different types of “walla” one might encounter in India.

This song is also special to me because it features the bansuri flute playing of the late Catherine Potter, a dear friend and very gifted musician who left us all too soon. This song is dedicated to her, and I dubbed it the “Floating Soul Mix” in her honor.

SabaDub ( Floating Soul Mix) by Adham Shaikh “BASSWALLA” is the 8th solo album, released by Black Swan Sounds.

Sabadub (Floating Soul Mix)” takes a track from my 2002 album Essence and strips instruments away until the bansuri part performed by the late Catherine Potter (a disciple of Hariprasad Chaurasia) takes center stage.

Reflecting my South Asian heritage and a fascination with electronic music that began in high school,  “BASSWALLA” is the result of my 25-year dedication to creating and performing original electronica and global fusion.